Start-Stop Ready Technology


Environmental considerations and a reduction in the combustion of precious fuels are crucial factors in the development of new eco-friendly technologies for the automotive sector. 

Automatic start-stop systems are good examples, providing a 5 to 7% improvement in fuel economy and a similar reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

More than half of the cars currently produced are equipped with start-stop systems that reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel. The OE trend points upwards. By 2022, it is expected that start- stop systems will be fitted as standard on more than 82% of the vehicles sold in Western Europe.

The vehicle comes to a standstill, the engine is stopped and then restarted after a brief period of time. It is a process that increases the vibrations and the strain throughout the accessory drive, via the crankshaft pulley and engine mount.



On average, an ordinary pulley and engine mount will have to withstand up to 50,000 to 70,000 starts. A start-stop pulley and engine mount, on the other hand, will have to endure 500,000 to 700,000 starts.


Developing engine mounts or pulleys that can withstand ten times as many starts without breaking or failing, poses enormous challenges. Extensive research, development and testing makes it possible to deliver the solutions. Counterfeit parts are exposed to none of these and therefore cannot match OE requirements.




The Corteco start-stop Range

There are over 20,000 Vibration Control, Sealing and Filtration products and more than 1,410 of these are specifically for start-stop applications.

The Corteco range already includes:

  • 112 Corteco start-stop ENGINE MOUNTS covering over 41 million vehicles
  • 50 Corteco start-stop PULLEYS covering over 4.5 million vehicles
  • 11 Corteco start-stop PULLEY KITS including Pulleys and matching bolts





For automatic transmission and power steering:

Worldwide specialists rely on this technique.
And with very good reason.



The vision of a frictionless seal

something that our engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come close to achieving with the LEVITEX crankshaft seal.


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