Vibration Control

CORTECO engine, transmission and chassis mounts turn noise and vibration into smooth and comfortable driving conditions.

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CORTECO offers engine, transmission and chassis mounts including conventional and hydraulic mounts for replacement to reduce vibrations and prevent other damage. Vehicle engine and chassis designs are very sophisticated systems: engine and chassis vibrations can cause damage to numerous engine and drive train componen

Innovative Products

The highly sophisticated technology of Corteco products clearly shows in the example of the innovative decoupled pulley: in addition to the traditional damping of the axial vibrations, the pulley decouples the belt drive from the crankshaft. This reduces the strain on neighbouring components. The lifetime of belt and pulley is extended and reduced noise levels inside the car mean enhanced ride comfort.

Based on our global Freudenberg Group expertise in OE technology, CORTECO is able to offer an extensive range of vibration control products for more than 27,500 vehicle applications including: 

  • Engine/transmission mounts in hydraulic and solid version
  • Decoupled crankshaft pulleys and torsional vibration dampers
  • Chassis bushings in hydraulic and solid version
  • Suspension strut mounts
  • Torque strut mounts
  • Centre support bearings

CORTECO powertrain/chassis mounts and bushings are designed to the highest quality standards and manufactured using leading-edge technology.