At Corteco and throughout the Freudenberg Group, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment that’s in our DNA. We recognize the profound impact that business can have on the planet, and we’re committed to leading the way to a more sustainable and responsible future. 

Our vision for sustainability encompasses several key areas. Environmental stewardship is paramount, and Corteco and Freudenberg are steadfast in our commitment to minimize our environmental footprint. We use innovative technologies, efficient processes and responsible sourcing to reduce resource consumption, energy use and waste. 

Product innovation is another key aspect of our sustainability efforts. We believe in developing products that not only meet the highest quality standards, but also prioritize sustainability. Our teams are actively working to create solutions that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and contribute to a circular economy. 

But sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it extends to the communities in which we operate. Corteco and Freudenberg are committed to social responsibility initiatives, supporting local communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring fair and ethical business practices. 

At Corteco, we’re actively implementing key initiatives to advance our sustainability goals. For example, we’ve transitioned our inter-company transportation to intermodal, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. By driving 33,600 fewer kilometers on the road per year, 51% less particulates are emitted and we save 17,428kg of CO2. We’re also continuously improving our packaging to reduce plastic use and incorporate recycled materials, such as our oil drain plug packaging. In addition, we’re involved in local initiatives that benefit the environment, such as switching to sustainable tape and maintaining beehives. 

Be a part of our commitment to sustainability as we strive to create a greener future. Partner with us, a company that values environmental responsibility, social impact, and continuous innovation.