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Air Springs 

Steering and Suspension

Air springs play a major role in maintaining a vehicle’s ride height, regardless of its load. Not only do they allow height adjustment to improve aerodynamics and increase range at higher speeds, but they also offer flexibility with different stiffness modes. This allows a quick switch between a firm suspension for safe driving and a more comfortable setting for longer journeys. 

Different chassis require specific air springs. For example, a standard, sport, AMG, or M-model chassis each has unique characteristics and handling requirements. Therefore, it is important to select the correct air springs for each chassis type to maintain the vehicle’s original handling characteristics.

In the field of e-mobility, air springs offer several advantages. They optimise the airflow under electric vehicles for passive battery cooling, protect the batteries on rough roads and ensure a constant minimum ground clearance. Vibracoustic, a leading air spring manufacturer, equips nearly two-thirds of all cars with air suspension, providing unique air springs developed and patented for global car manufacturers.

Corteco offers the original part, ensuring the restoration of the vehicle’s original driving setup by providing matching stand-alone air springs for each chassis type (Standard, Sport, AMG, M-Model, etc.). Repair time is minimised as damaged air springs can be replaced individually to restore the original driving set-up. 

Corteco’s components are of the highest quality and new, designed to last approximately 15 years or 300,000 km based on OE specifications.

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Improving e-mobility:

The role of air springs in battery protection

As e-mobility becomes more widespread across Europe, the importance of air springs is growing. One of the key standards in e-mobility is the integration of air springs, primarily due to their key role in protecting and optimising battery technology.

Air springs play a crucial role in protecting and cooling battery systems by enabling dynamic adjustment of the vehicle’s ride height. This feature is particularly important as it helps to mitigate the effects of thermal stress on batteries, ensuring optimal operating conditions and extending battery life. By maintaining an ideal temperature range, air springs contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of electric vehicles, increasing the viability and appeal of e-mobility solutions.

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