Close-up of the inside of a car for the air conditioning system
Close-up of the inside of a car for the air conditioning system


Corteco’s filtration portfolio offers a wide selection of cabin air filters with approximately 850 different variations. As an industry leader, Corteco offers an extensive range of particle and carbon activated filters to suit different vehicle models and specifications. 

More than every second new car worldwide is equipped with a micronAir® filter from Freudenberg. These OE filters are supplied to the independent aftermarket by Corteco. 

Our cabin air filters are designed to eliminate common irritants that cause discomfort, such as sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and breathing difficulties. By providing cleaner air, Corteco enhances visibility and contributes to improved road safety for drivers and passengers. 

In addition to cabin air filters, Corteco’s filtration portfolio also includes engine intake air filters to ensure optimal performance and longevity of vehicle engines. Committed to quality and innovation, Corteco continues to be a trusted partner in providing superior filtration solutions for vehicles throughout Europe. 

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Cabin Air Filter

Corteco’s micronAir® particle cabin air filters ensure pristine air quality and improved visibility.

With the invention of the first cabin air filter in 1989, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies set a new standard for health and safety in vehicles. The proven micronAir particle filter provides reliable protection against fine dust, pollen, road dust, and bacteria. It effectively filters all PM10 particles (<10 µm). 

This was followed by another innovation: the micronAir combi filter. Although the filter media of both micronAir cabin air filters are essentially identical, the micronAir combi filter has an additional layer of activated carbon to adsorb PM2.5 particles (<2.5 µm) such as odors and gases (e.g. benzene and ozone), which in turn is protected by a top layer. 

This evolution of the cabin air filter has led to the latest addition to the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM): the micronAir blue cabin air filter. Designed with 4 layers of filtration media, the latest addition to the micronAir cabin air filter range has the same characteristics as the combi filter, but also filters smallest PM1 particles (PM1 = <1 µm) such as viral aerosols. These particles are not only filtered, but also permanently trapped and deactivated by a bio functional layer. 

More room for health with less energy​ 

Electric motors require up to 75% less space than typical combustion engines. This opens up spaces to integrate entirely new air design concepts. Larger, multi-layer solutions offer the potential for better air in the vehicle cabin while reducing the energy consumption in electric cars. Freudenberg filters developed specially for circulating air, need about 15% less energy while maintaining the same high air quality.​ 

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