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Radial Shaft Seals – The Simmerring®


A radial shaft seal is a crucial component in an engine, designed to prevent the leakage of fluids and contaminants along the rotating shafts of crank- and camshafts. Corteco proudly offers an extensive range of these seals, maintaining OE quality standards. As the aftermarket distribution arm of the Freudenberg Group, the original designer and OEM manufacturer of Simmerrings®, marked CFW*, Corteco benefits from its parent company’s material and manufacturing expertise, ensuring outstanding OE quality and durability in our products.

Our selection includes a new generation of innovative seals specifically engineered to reduce friction and fuel consumption. Corteco provides exclusive access to Freudenberg OE oil seals for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket, demonstrating our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest standards of OE quality performance in line with our sustainability goals. Our kit development approach aligns with market needs, featuring optimized parts selection to facilitate hassle-free repairs for workshops.

To further support efficient repairs, Corteco offers a range of repair tools, including mounting and disassembly tools. These tools enable workshops to enhance efficiency and prevent damages during installation.

Our dedication extends to technology and material performance. With in-house elastomer material development and proprietary mixing facilities, Corteco ensures that our oil seals precisely match OE specifications.

*CFW stands for Carl Freudenberg Weinheim.

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Sealing Paste

Our Oil Seal Range


An integral component of Freudenberg’s Low Emission Sealing Solutions (LESS) lineup, tailored
to tackle modern transportation challenges head-on. 
Key Benefit: The standout feature of Casco Seal lies in its remarkable reduction of friction, boasting up to 80% less friction than conventional solutions. 

Reduced Friction: Dramatically lowers heat generation, ensuring minimal wear on the seal lip. 
Extended Service Life: Promotes longevity of the seal, resulting in prolonged performance. 
Power Efficiency: Decreases power loss, leading to improved fuel economy and significantly reduced CO2 emissions. 


A combination of Simmerring® and wear sleeve, ideal for heavy machinery in construction and agriculture. They effectively shield shafts, engines, transmissions, and axles from dirt and water, ensuring durability even under high stress. Advanced elastomers eliminate the need for a spring, reducing friction even in high temperatures. 

Enhanced protection: Shields shafts and vital components from environmental elements, ensuring prolonged equipment lifespan. 
Versatile application: Suitable for heavy construction and agricultural equipment, adapting to high-stress conditions. 
Reduced friction: Latest elastomer technology minimizes friction, enhancing operational efficiency even in extreme temperatures.


Offers additional protection with Simmerring® and polyurethane wiper, allowing both axial and rotary movement while safeguarding against contaminants. 


Combine PTFE design with FKM (Viton) compound, improving performance and leading to a significant friction reduction. 

Reduction in fuel and oil consumption, as well as CO2 emissions 


Composite seals with integrated flange allow a safe and easy assembling with one single component including dynamic and static sealing. 


Composite seals with integrated sensor. 

Evolution of the C-SEAL 
Integrated encoder and sensor to communicate with engine electronic management 

Encoder Seals

Encoder Seals

This advanced technology combines the original Simmerring® radial shaft seal with an elastomer encoder to accurately measure speed and rotational angle. With the help of an integrated sensor the seal is able to measure speed precisely and therefore contributes to more efficiency in motor control.

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More Information

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