Asian Range

Corteco, known for its extensive range of spare parts for Asian vehicles on the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM), benefits from its affiliation with the Freudenberg Group, which brings its OE expertise to deliver high quality automotive components. 

In partnership with NOK, Japan’s pioneering oil seal manufacturer since 1941, Corteco offers a diverse range of replacement parts designed specifically for Asian applications. By leveraging NOK’s innovative OE development expertise and cooperation with Asian OEMs, Corteco serves as a reliable spare parts supplier for Asian vehicles, ensuring seamless integration and performance. 

Corteco’s catalog for Asian applications includes nearly 4,000 sealing products, 2,000 vibration damping products and over 250 filters that are carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards. With these components, Corteco underlines its commitment to providing optimum performance and reliability for Asian vehicles and consolidates its position as a reliable partner in the automotive aftermarket. 



Our precision-engineered oil seals and gaskets, represented by the iconic Simmerring®, ensure unparalleled performance and durability in every application. Here excellence meets reliability in every seal and gasket.

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