Close-up of the inside of a car for the air conditioning system
Close-up of the inside of a car for the air conditioning system
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Blue Filter


Corteco’s micronAir® Blue Filter provides optimal protection for both drivers and passengers within the vehicle cabin. With four layers of filtration, it ensures the highest air quality, addressing the increasing concerns of allergies and asthma worldwide.

Allergens, fine particles, and pollutants entering the vehicle through the air conditioning and ventilation systems pose a threat to both driving safety and health. micronAir Blue offers the ultimate solution, with its four-layer filtration system effectively cleansing the air and providing comprehensive protection for worry-free driving at all times.

Even the tiniest PM1 particles and microorganisms (PM1 = <1 µm) such as bacterial and fungal spores are kept at bay. Moreover, the filter offers an effective defence against viral aerosols (almost 100%), harmful particulates like fine dust, and increased ozone levels in the car, which can cause nausea and headaches.

Enhancing your comfort, the cabin filter allows you to breathe freely during every journey, with the assurance of its vegan composition. Both the filter and adhesives used are 100% vegan, and neither the final product nor its components have been tested on animals. By intercepting dirt particles, the micronAir Blue extends the lifespan of the climate and ventilation systems. 

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