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Gaskets & Gasket Kits


Discover Corteco’s premium Cylinder Head Gaskets, kits and Head Bolts, essential for professional engine maintenance. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, our gaskets feature a unique blend of metals and elastomer layers, meticulously crafted to maintain seal integrity even under demanding conditions. With over 7,000 gaskets and kits available in OEM quality, Corteco ensures reliability and performance that meets or exceeds OE standards.

Our Multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets are tailored to fit OE specifications, guaranteeing optimal engine performance. Paired seamlessly with our Head Bolts, they offer unmatched longevity and OE-level performance.

Experience the benefits:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • OE-standard performance
  • Seamless integration with matching Head Bolts

With a claims rate below 0.002%, Corteco exemplifies unwavering product quality, providing peace of mind for every engine repair task. Our repair solutions adapt to the evolving needs of modern engines, ensuring reliability in the face of increasing operating pressures and temperatures. Whether sealing coolants, lubricating oil, or withstanding dynamic deformations, Corteco’s Cylinder Head Gaskets deliver unmatched reliability.

Explore our comprehensive range of sealing solutions, including Cylinder head gaskets, Valve cover gaskets, Manifold gaskets, Oil pan gaskets, Seal kits, and Cylinder head gasket and bolt kits. Trust Corteco for top-tier quality and performance, every time.

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