Chassis components

The Corteco range of steering and suspension components includes over 7,000 articles and combines the expertise and quality of the leading OEM from the Freudenberg Group.
These are:


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a leading technology specialist within sealing and a development partner for the entire automotive industry.

Vibracoustic is a 100% subsidiary of the Freudenberg Group and market leader within the vibration control and automotive industry.

Under its brand "Klueber Lubrication", Freudenberg Chemical Specialties develop and produce oils, greases, waxes and pastes in over 30 countries.



The Corteco supplier plants of the Freudenberg Group, as well as it‘s partner plants, are audited and certifed based on the current standards of the international automotive industry (IATF 16949, ISO 9001 ff, ISO 14001, ISO 45001).

As development partners to the automotive industry, all supplier plants have fundamental expertise and highly effective technical development processes with modern testing capacities.

Our key objective is to measure up to Corteco’s customers’ expectations - guaranteeing certifed quality, safety and functionality of all Corteco products.

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  • Ball Joint


    Ball Joint

    The ball joint is an indispensable component used in tie rods, control arms and stabilizer links. Corteco offers ball joints in original quality according to the technical requirements of the single automotive manufacturer to ensure high performance. The innovative technology is developed with OE partners and offers the highest standards of quality.
  • Track Control Arms


    Track Control Arms

    Track control arms connect the vehicle chassis and the suspension module that carries the wheel and therefore ensures quick and precise movement of the wheels. Precisely adjusted ball joints and link mounts ensure comfort due to vibration damping. For safety and mechanical integrity, it is mandatory to replace them when they become worn or broken.
  • Tie Rod Ends/ Tie Rods


    Tie Rod Ends/ Tie Rods

    The fixed and adjustable tie rods are the connection between the steering box and the steering wheels of the vehicle. Adjustable to the needs of each individual chassis, they  ensure accurate steering and safe drivability. Their good setting and stiffness will avoid vibration on steering and wheel, and less tire wear.
  • Stabilizer Links


    Stabilizer Links

    The stabilizer link controls the body roll of the vehicle during turns by connecting the antiroll bar and the suspension system of the vehicle. The link plays a vital role, when it comes to safety and comfort, because a breakage would result in handling problems and excessive body roll. Our stabilizer links are made out of high-tech materials in order to minimize noise transmissions and enable a quick reaction.
  • Corteco Expert Kit


    Corteco Expert Kit

    The Kit is equipped with the steering part and all additional components needed to repair a specific application. These additional components are often bolts, nuts or washers. Each KIT is tailored to fit the exact car model and thus a complete repair solution.


For automatic transmission and power steering:

Worldwide specialists rely on this technique.
And with very good reason.



The vision of a frictionless seal

something that our engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come close to achieving with the LEVITEX crankshaft seal.


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