Vibration Control

The extensive OE manufacturing experience of the Freudenberg Group enables Corteco to offer vibration control components and repair kits in OEM quality for more than 27,500 types of vehicles. All products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured using the latest production methods.

Vibrations often arise as a result of aging components or poor quality vibration dampers. These vibrations don't just affect driving comfort. Unwanted vibrations can spread throughout the vehicle and cause damage to the engine and other components.

  • Pulleys



    Original torsional vibration damper - individually and in practical Bolt Kits

    A torsional vibration damper decouples the belt drive from the crankshaft.It minimizes the transmission of vibration and therefore the stress on all adjoining components. The lifecycle duration of belt and belt tensioner is extended and driving comfort increased significantly.
    Only original quality pulleys with new bolts guarantee easy mounting and the highest degree of safety. The practical Corteco kits save time when placing orders and guarantee satisfied customers. Our constantly extending range already covers 300 of the most important vehicle types.

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    Decoupled Pulleys
    Pulley and Bolt Kits
    Bolt Kits
    Pulleys and Diamond Disc
  • Flexible Propshaft Coupling


    Flexible Propshaft Coupling

    The alternative to the hardy disc

    The innovative, flexible prop shaft coupling is a highly economical alternative to the Hardy joint. In terms of price-performance-ratio the flexible prop shaft coupling offers outstanding benefits. The special feature of the flexible prop shaft coupling is a second rubber track. The functions of damping and angular alignment are decoupled in a single component. This makes the flexible prop shaft coupling more finely scaled to vibration requirements than the traditional Hardy joint. Also available as a kit including the necessary bolts. 

    Further products from our range:

    Flexible Propshaft Coupling incl. Bolt Kit



    Available as a Kit incl. Ball Bearing

    Pay attention to quality when it comes to suspension strut mounts. Used or damaged suspension strut mounts and compression stops lead to reduced driving comfort and an exert increased strain on the whole suspension system – even with new shock absorbers. Corteco suspension strut mounts are available in kits including axle bearing.

    Further products from our range:

    Kit including Ball Bearing



    Quality for optimum driving comfort

    It’s what’s inside that counts. Each rubber mixture has special damping properties and needs to be matched precisely to the specific application. Conventional, hydraulic or switchable mounts: Corteco's OE quality, vibration control range guarantees top performance, fitting accuracy and safety.

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    Hydro Mounts
    Switchable Engine Mounts
    Electrically switchable Hydro Mount
    Lightweight Mounts
    Swivel Support
    Silicone Mounts



    Small parts, big impact

    Components such as chassis mounts and bushings play a decisive role when it comes to driving safety and comfort. Hydro mounts are carefully adapted to the vehicle and guarantee maximum comfort and safety.

    Further products from our range:

    Stabilisation Bearing
    Axle Bearing
    Hardy Disk
    Cardan Shaft
    Centering Ferrules
    Ultra Bushing
    Bushing and Hydro Bushing



    A special kind of energy storage

    Hydraulic accumulators are simple but highly effective energy storage devices which are quite often also indispensable safety features. The ability to absorb fluid, to retain it under pressure, and to release it whenever necessary, has long been used in many vehicles parts such as chassis, suspension, steering or transmission. Hydraulic accumulators are also key components in the support of transmission shifts and innovative electro-hydraulic brakes.
  • Fahrwerk-komponenten



    Ein vollständiges Programm für Lenkungs- und Fahrwerkteile

    Das Corteco Lenkungs- und Fahrwerkteile-Programm umfasst über 7.000 Artikel und vereint die Expertise und Qualität führender Erstausrüster aus der Freudenberg Gruppe. Die Corteco Zulieferwerke der Freudenberg Gruppe und alle Partnerwerke sind nach den geltenden Maßstäben der internationalen Automobilindustrie (IATF 16949, ISO 9001 _ ., ISO 14001, ISO 45001) auditiert und zertifziert.

    Further products from our range:

    Stabilizer Links
    Ball Joint
    Track Control Arms
    Tie Rod Ends/ Tie Rods
    Corteco Expert Kit


For automatic transmission and power steering:

Worldwide specialists rely on this technique.
And with very good reason.



The vision of a frictionless seal

something that our engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come close to achieving with the LEVITEX crankshaft seal.


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